Fishing on the river Kica

Kica Varzuga River tributary of the river is located in the south-eastern part of the Kola Peninsula. Length - 52 kilometers. The catchment area - 1680 square kilometers. The average width - from 35 to 75 meters. Source Kitsy located in the southern part Babozera, from the river, making several bends, flows about 30 kilometers to the west, passing through Lake CRC, and then makes a sharp turn to the south. The mouth is in Kitsy Varzuga estuary, 4 kilometers from vpadaniya last in the White Sea.

Rest in the village Kuzomen.

Accommodation in a house - 6 people - 1000 rubles per person per day.
Bath - 2000 rubles with the group.
Guide services - 4500 rubles per day + the boat.
Eating 3 meals a day - 700 rubles per person.
Transfer: Umba - Kuzomen - Umba - 9000 rubles with the group.
Individual planning stages with each group negotiated in advance.

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