Fishing on the river Pana

Pana River originates in the mountains near the lakes system Fedorova Tundra. Flows in the south-east. The mouth of the river is 97 km on the right bank of the river Varzuga. The river is 114 km, the catchment area of ​​2890 km². The width of the mouth of Pana is about 100 meters. The Pana River there are several lakes. The main tributaries of Pana: Punzuy, indels, Purumuaye, Polisarka, Swan, Black.

The river in a large number of usual salmon.

Guide services - 5000 rubles with group 2 - 5 people.
The price includes: tents, tent, cooking utensils.
Meals on request negotiated separately.

Transfer: Umba - Pan - Umba - 10,000 rubles from the group.


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