Рыбалка на Кольском полуострове,ловля сёмги, сплав по реке Варзуга

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Fishing on the Kola Peninsula, salmon fishing, rafting along the Indus, Pana, Varzuga rivers.

The Kola Peninsula can be called, without exaggeration, a fishing paradise. The watercourses there are really excellent, abound with different kinds of fish, besides they are distinguished by magnificent nature and beauty. Lakes and rivers on the Kola Peninsula can not be counted, they catch a large pike, salmon, whitefish. Often there is loach, trout, brown trout, grayling, burbot, palea, not to mention the yaz, roach or perch.

In a word, fishing on the Kola Peninsula is an excellent opportunity not only to get a decent trophy, but also to fully enjoy the magnificent nature of the North. The most popular fish in this region is salmon, trout, pink salmon, trout both river and lake, and of course grayling.

Rafting on the rivers Indel, Pana, Varzuga

Rafting along the Indel River, Pana, Varzuga is one of the most tranquil, fascinating alloys where there are no rapid rapids on the river, many small passes passing into shallow plains, flowing along beautiful beaches with a changing terrain.


Preliminary record is made for the alloy season 2021 May - July.
Rafting on the rivers Indel, Pan, Varzuga



                                                     Individual groups.


The tour price - 7 days - 100 000 rubles (group of 5 people).
This amount includes:
Transfer Umba - Indel - Varzuga - Umba.
Motor, tents, boats, cabin-campaign.
Power: Throughout the route, the field.
Professional Guide Guide.


From You: Convenient dates for you.
Full name - for permission to alloy, advance payment of 20%.



Preliminary record is made for the season 2021 from May 22 to July 9.
Rafting on the rivers Indel, Pana, Varzuga.


                                                         Prefabricated groups.

                                                         From May 22 to May 28

                                                         From 29 May to 4 June

                                                         From June 5 to June 11

                                                         From June 12, June 18

                                                         From June 19 to June 25

                                                         From June 26 to July 2

                                                         From 3 July to 9 July

Departure from Umba from 10.00 to 11.00 hours of the planned number.
The price of the tour is 7 days 20 000 rubles per person.
This amount includes:
Delivery from Umba to the place of the beginning of the rafting.
Meeting at the end and delivery to Umba.
Tents, boats, wardroom, boat motor.
Food throughout the route, field.
Professional Guide Guide.
From you: Full name for the order of permits for the alloy, an advance payment of 5000 rubles.

The Pana River is one of the largest tributaries of the Varzuga River. The river is remote from populated areas, and there are many shallow rolling over the marsh on the river, passing into the plains.

Fish: salmon, grayling, pike, perch.

Source Kica located in the southern part Babozera, from the river, making several bends, flows about 30 kilometers to the west, passing through Lake CRC, and then makes a sharp turn to the south. The mouth is in Kitsy Varzuga estuary, 4 kilometers from vpadaniya last in the White Sea. Of the fish in the river in a relatively small number are found salmon.

Munozero - Lake in the Murmansk region in the southwest of the Kola Peninsula in the territory of the Terek region. It refers to the White Sea basin, associated with it through the Moon and Lyamuksa river.

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